System Designer / Lead Developer


  • Luís Oliveira

  • Chelsea Mafrica

  • Junhui Chen

  • Jay McAleer

  • Gennady Martynenko

  • Brian Dicks

  • Long Pham

  • Ben Moncuso

  • Jim Devine

  • Nicholas Alberts

  • Phillip Faust

  • Cullen Strouse

  • Christopher Iwaszko

  • Lenny Maynard

  • Ryan Pollich

  • Michael Okonski

  • Ryan Yoder

  • Raphael Cardoso Fernandes


  • Dr. Bruce Childers

    Dr. Daniel Mossé

    Dr. Alex Jones

    Adam Hobaugh


  • The University of Pittsburgh

  • National Science Foundation


OCCAM is supported by the open art from various artists. Without their support of the commons, we would not be nearly as pretty.


I'm using some great code found here at this codepen by Qvcool for doing slider-like checkboxes. I've made some modifications to make it better suited to the theming and other styling of the page.

Open Source Software

The OCCAM software project is proud to use and support the following software projects. This is nowhere near a complete list of open source software that we make use of. That list is almost impractical to generate!


  • Ruby - an expressive scripting language.

  • slim - markup preprocessor for html.

  • Sass - markup preprocessor for css.

  • minitest - minimal testing framework.

  • mocha - mocking/stubbing framework for testing.

  • PostgreSQL - robust SQL database implementation for deployed environments.

  • Sinatra - a minimalistic web framework for Ruby.

  • puma - a minimal webserver we use for development.

  • chronic_duration - a library to pretty print time durations.

  • i18n - internationalization library.

  • redcarpet - markdown parsing library.

  • capybara - acceptance testing selenium driver for the front-end.

Occam Backend

  • Python - a robust scripting language.

  • pycryptodome - cryptography library.

  • pyyaml - YAML parser library.

  • bcrypt - bcrypt implementation.

  • pytest - Python testing framework.

  • tox - Python automation tool.


  • noVNC - JavaScript VNC client library.